“Discovery Fuels Competitive Advantage”

Jay Abraham, Entrepreneur

Our belief in the truth of this statement is baked within our company name – We would add, that the discovery of TECHNOLOGY specifically fuels competitive advantage for small business

For us, two key words in this phrase (Discovery & Advantage) form the tenants of what we bring to you

So we merged them together ….

Ultimately, we specialise in bring big business technology benefits to the small business via the cloud.

We Believe that ‘Small’ in business is IMPORTANT and requires the same mature solutions as the BIG guys

We are focused on optimising your operations, managing your risk and ultimately delivering the true value of technology to you

Andre Marcos

Andre Marcos

Founder  (1987)

1,000 Words

The enthusiasm for technology set in at an early age and only grew. Business passion joined it to the tune of over 17 years of experience ranging from Support & Implementation through to Business Analysis and Project Management.

Enterprise Engagements included: Credit Suisse, Nomura Bank, BlackRock Investment Management, Merrill Lynch, RBS Global Banking & Markets, Linklaters & Alliance, NHS,

Small to Medium Engagements include: Alliance Properties, Georgina Goodman, Derrington Group, Bella Freud, LSA Civil Engineering, Anglian Willow and more…

We aim to change how small business utilises technology – we are just getting started!


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